Leu Gardens Orlando Engagement | Janina + Nate

May 21, 2019

Gosh, FIRST ever blog post. Let’s just say we’ve been procrastinating this because to be honest I(Andi) hate writing. Or should I say I’m not too good at describing things on paper, and thats why I consider myself an ‘EMOJI captioner’ on Instagram.

I guess we should start by telling you why we started R+B.co, and how its going to far. We’ve been “Official’ for 9 months
( LOL it’s taken us this long to write this!, GRACE ok?) and we started photographing people way long ago, but always kept it a secret in some way.

I (Andi) never felt confident enough to say “I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER”, and in many ways I think we both don’t feel secure enough to say that out loud. On another side, some people have told us not to pursue this because it will affect our other baby ( Andi Mejia Calligraphy ) and that people will start not giving us business because we’re not staying in our own lane.

but what we do know is that

It’s our passion project, and we are going to pursue it full force. I can’t really speak for Tyler ( ok yes I can😉)  We love making people feel confident in their own skin, and we love spending that time together working as a TEAM, also we enjoy getting out of the house ok?! Getting to be a part of peoples most memorable seasons of life is rewarding. So we’d love to start by sharing these :



Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your engagement Nate and Janina, We love you guys!




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